Course titlePrecision Agriculture Technology
Learning objectiveThe overall objective of the course is to be able to develop a plan to incorporate precision agriculture technology into a proposed or existing equipment line for a production ag system or agriculture business.
DescriptionThis course focuses on agricultural equipment that is commonly used in conjunction with GPS technology. Planters, combines, fertilizer application equipment and sprayer application equipment are commonly equipped with GPS equipment to control and record operational parameters.

These parameters focus around the equipments geographic location and can be recorded simultaneously with the volume of product applied and weather information (wind, temperature, humidity, etc.).

GPS guidance is one of the main technologies to be studied throughout the course. The management of this equipment and the GPS technologies used to control and record this information is the focus of the course.
Topics covered1. Introduction to Precision Agriculture
2. GPS Systems
3. Overview of Machinery Management Concepts
4. An Introduction to Mapping (GIS) Technologies
5. Precision Ag Data Management – Field Identification – A Key Component
6. The Nuts and Bolts GPS Guidance – Aided (Lightbars), Assisted Steering,
and Automatic Guidance
7. Tractor Issues – The main items of discussion will be GPS Guidance/Auto
Steer, utilizing control systems - factory installed or aftermarket, data
collection issues during the growing season – agronomic and machine data.
8. Overview of Variable - Rate Technologies
9. Sensor Technologies for Variable-Rate Application
10. Planters
11. Fertilizer Application Equipment
12. Sprayers
13. Combines – Harvesting Equipment
14. Why Adopt GPS / Precision Ag Technologies?