Course titleAn Ounce of Prevention: Teacher Tutorial and Resources
Learning objective1. To provide an overview of the curriculum content, organization, and resources.

2. To increase knowledge of the scientific content in each chapter.

3. To prepare teachers to implement the Ounce of Prevention resource in their classrooms
DescriptionThis self-directed learning experience focuses on a curriculum resource to educate adolescents and young adults about preconception health concerns. This teaching tool was authored by university genetics counselors and an extension human development specialist, is based on published research sources, and developed with support from the March of Dimes. This resource has been used by more than 600 educators, and was evaluated by MU Extension. The third edition, sponsored by MU Extension, Missouri Department of Health, and the March of Dimes, was comprehensively updated and revised in 2010, with student review as an integral part of the revision process. In addition to the teacher background information, key concepts, objectives, resources, power point presentations, learning activities and assessments, each chapter includes supplemental resources and student learning activities that are on-line or computer based. This curriculum resource is available in a printed format with a CD containing web links to resources and activities.

PRESENTER INFORMATION – co-author providing the narration:
Lori Williamson MS, CGC, LGC

Genetic Counselor and Assistant Professor

Department of Genetic Counseling, College of Health Related Professions

University of Arkansas for the Medical Sciences

Board certified genetic counselor with 19 years of experience in clinical genetics services, teaching, and program development. Nearly half of her career was spent at the University of Missouri.

Co- authors:
Brenda Bell, MS Ed
Human Development Specialist, University of Missouri Extension, Howell County

Carrie L. Chou, MS, CTC

Certified Genetic counselor, University of Washington

Board certified genetic counselor with 7 years of experience in clinical genetics services, teaching, and program development.
Topics coveredAn Ounce of Prevention: Addressing Health Concerns of Adolescents and Young Adults, tackles the preventative factors of: birth defects, folic acid, the affects of alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy, family health history, newborn screening, STD’s and HIV, and healthy relationships.