Course titleSSA Work Incentives Certification
Learning objectiveParticipants will acquire a deep understanding of the purpose and key regulations behind SSA’s Work Incentives program. Participants will learn to evaluate information about the current work, living, and financial situation of an individual getting federal or state disability benefits, identify relevant regulations and procedures, consult reference resources about those regulations and procedures, and develop multiple scenarios and timelines to explain the individual’s options for long term employment and benefits.
DescriptionThis online resource is the evaluation section of a lengthy training provided by MU’s Disability Policy & Studies office. The training prepares potential SSA Benefits Specialists for advising clients on their options for employment, medical coverage, disability income, and other financial issues related to SSA’s Work Incentives program. It is based on the defined competencies which SSA requires of their funded Work Incentive Planning and Assistance staff. Most of the training is done through telephone-based class sessions, and most participants are employees of State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies or similar state agencies. Interested individuals should contact Diana Beckley, Disability Policy & Studies, 573 882-3807.
Topics coveredDefinition of disability, Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs), Appeals Process, Title II Disability Benefits, SGA, Income Averaging, Subsidy and Special Conditions, Impairment Related Work Expense (IRWE), Trial Work Period, Extended Period of Eligibility, Cessation Month/Grace Period, Expedited Reinstatement (EXR), Medicare, SSI, Deeming, Student Earned Income Exclusion (SEIE), Impairment Related Work Expense (IRWE), Blind Work Expenses (BWE), Plans for Achieving Self-Support (PASS), Other Federal Benefits Programs, BPQY, Work Incentives Plan.