Course titleAutism Interventions
Learning objectiveParticipants will be able to:
--Describe evidence-based interventions and why they are important.
--Identify basic practices used with children with autism spectrum disorders.
--Describe important considerations for making intervention decisions.
This self-directed module, the third in a series developed by the Central Missouri Rapid Response Team, provides a general overview of evidence-based practices and interventions for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

This module includes brief descriptions of evidence-based interventions that are supported by scientific research and what those interventions have in common. It also provides some general strategies that are used with children who have challenges in communication, social interaction, changes and transitions, and sensory input. Guidelines for making intervention decisions are provided, along with resources for more information about specific interventions.

Julie Donnelly, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Project ACCESS
Dr. Julie Donnelly is the Associate Director of the Missouri Autism education agency, Project ACCESS. She is an adjunct associate professor for the University of Missouri and teaches masters level autism courses. She keynotes conferences, gives presentations and publishes internationally in the Autism and Special Education field. She has a Ph.D. with a focus in autism and over 30 years of teaching and consulting experience. Dr. Donnelly is the mother of Jean-Paul Bovee, who experiences autism and they frequently present as a mother and son team.
Topics covered