Course titleAutism Transition to Adulthood
Learning objectiveParticipants will be able to:
-Identify the key life areas in planning for a successful transition to being an adult.

-Identify when to begin the transition process for each of the key areas.

-Identify resources available to assist families and providers in preparing individuals with ASD for transition to adult life
DescriptionThis training is an overview for families and community professionals about the important life skill areas for a successful transition to adult life. Topics for this module include: Community Living Skills, Health and Safety, Education and Training after High School, Employment and Adult Services and Benefits. Resources will also be provided.

Karen Allan, M.Ed.,
Training Coordinator, MU Thompson Center-Columbia

Karen Allan is the training coordinator for the MU Thompson Center. She has over 30 years of experience as a special educator and administrator in education. She has also worked to improve the transition of individuals with disabilities into adult services and experiences from the high school setting. She received her Masters in Educational Administration from the University of Missouri and completed coursework toward a doctorate in Special Education.

Karen’s areas of interest are staff professional development, the development of training for individuals with disabilities to learn skills for self-advocacy and self-determination, and assisting families to bridge the gap between school and adult services.

Karen is also the parent of an adult son with special needs.
Topics covered-Transition to adulthood.

-Life skill areas.

-Challenges for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders becoming adults.