Course titleMissouri Master Gardener
Learning objective

ATTENTION: Enroll now for the Fall 2014 offering!

Enrollment for the current semester of Spring 2014 is now closed, but you may enroll now for the Fall 2014 session that begins August 31, 2014.

1) To understand the mission of the Missouri Master Gardener Program and how it functions.
2) To acquire a working knowledge of the fundamental principles of plant growth and development.
3) To apply concepts of plant growth and development to everyday situations and uses in horticulture.
4) To learn basic terminology associated with the art and science of horticulture.
5) To gain an appreciation of horticulture as a life-long pursuit.

DescriptionWritten at an introductory level, this course provides a foundation in plant structure and function; soils and plant nutrition; plant propagation; fruits; vegetables; herbaceous and woody plants; entomology; plant pathology; landscape design; lawns; and pesticides usage. It is the online version of the core training required for individuals wishing to become certified Missouri Master Gardeners. In addition to completing this course individuals also must devote 30 hours of volunteer service to become certified.

Non-Master Gardener trainees take the class for personal or professional development.

Topics covered-Policies & Procedures
-Soils, Nutrition and Management
-Fruits & Vegetables
-Woody Ornamentals
-Herbaceous Ornamentals
-Lawns, Landscaping
-Plant Diseases